Non-IT Technologies

Equipment Validation Engineer / CQV

An Equipment Validation Engineer can provide many benefits to businesses. They measure, analyze, and calibrate equipment and processes to ensure they create the highest quality products. They perform multiple exhaustive tests, establish validation standards, develop testing protocols, prepare equipment, document test results, and maintain records for future reference

Computer system Validation Engineer (CSV) / IT

A Computer System Validation Engineer can provide many benefits to businesses. They can ensure security, reliability, consistency, and optimization of computer systems. CSV processes make clear when entries to the system have been altered and ensure that system outputs can be relied upon throughout the lifecycle

Analytical Lab Validation Engineers

They ensure products meet company requirements by running tests, analyzing and documenting results, and monitoring compliance with safety and quality regulations. They evaluate systems and processes used to build products and work in several fields, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or aerospace, among others

Cleaning Validation Engineer

A Cleaning Validation Engineer can provide many benefits to businesses. They ensure previous product traces have been removed, contamination-free operations, and safe batch-to-batch transitions1. They design and develop cleaning procedures for new products and manufacturing equipment and investigate and conduct troubleshooting/root cause analysis of cleaning-related incidents

Supplier Quality Engineers

Supplier Quality Engineers can provide many benefits to businesses. They ensure that the supplier’s products comply with the company’s standards and regulations. Outsourcing supplier quality management services like SQE can reduce the risk of defective products from the supplier, take a proactive approach to supplier quality management, assist in the procurement process, reduce costs through more efficient processes, and help develop scalability

Design Assurance Engineer

A Design Assurance Engineer can provide many benefits to businesses. They lead the determination and implementation of design controls based on risk management, customer needs, and manufacturing input. They provide technical expertise to the manufacturing floor in the areas of root cause analysis, troubleshooting, process problem solving, risk analysis, statistical analysis, and process improvements.

Quality Engineer

A Quality Engineer plays a key role in ensuring the overall quality of manufactured products. They work with various stakeholders, such as design teams, suppliers, and manufacturing teams, to test processes, monitor quality standards, and fix issues when they arise. They also create quality practices, standard operation procedures (SOPs), and relevant documentation for a given product or factory

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA) can benefit businesses by reducing costs, improving worker motivation, boosting profit, and making the business more competitive in the marketplace. It can also provide deep insight into customers’ needs, wants, and satisfaction, and allows for the tailoring of support strategies and the improvement of services.

IT & Healthcare Staffing

It is designed to deliver targeted content and local networking opportunities for the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry at regional and state levels. We also provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with the option to hire our contractors as permanent employees, or find the permanent top talent your company needs today.

Product Development

Product development covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market. From ideation to execution, our engineers and designers work in tandem to understand your product at its core. With technical and methodological expertise, our team minimizes the costs of production and assembly, manufacturing your product to co-created specifications with cost, reliability, and user experience at top of mind.

Implementation & Support

Your relationship with us is an ongoing one and we believe that our outstanding client services are an indistinguishable part of the entire experience. Over the years, the support services provided by Vidlexinfo have increased in both breadth and depth. We do not just help you to meet your operational and technology objectives but to gain a competitive advantage and achieve high performance

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